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Sharing Love from Chloe's Heart by Delivering Toys and Gifts to Children in the Hospital, and their Families

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Chloe's Journey
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Chloe's Medical Journey

When Chloe was born, she had a heart problem called Transposition of the Great Arteries (TGA), which means that her pulmonary artery and aorta formed backwards. She was life flighted from North Dakota to Children's Hospital in Minneapolis, Minnesota where she had heart catheter surgery. One week later she had open heart surgery to turn her aorta and pulmonary arteries around so they could pump properly. When she was only 2 weeks old she had her 3rd heart surgery because her aorta had collapsed. 

When Chloe was 7 years old she was diagnosed with mild brain damage that affected her memory, and caused difficulty with following directions that have multiple steps. That same year she had her last heart surgery. Chloe has spent a lot of time in the hospital in her young life, which was sometimes difficult, and made her feel scared and sad.

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Chloe's First Fundraiser

Chloe had her first fundraiser in 2016, when she was only 8 years old. She asked her Mom if she could give every child in the hospital a gift at Christmas because she didn't want them to feel scared or sad like she did.

Chloe had $60 dollars that she had been saving to buy an X-Box, and then decided that she wanted to buy toys with the money instead. So she made a fundraising poster and asked others to help donate for the toys. Chloe raised $1,700 dollars that year, and we were able to buy 300 gifts to donate to St. Luke's Children's Hospital in Idaho.

NonProfit Accomplishments

We've Come a Long Way!

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  • Chloe's Heart raised $14,000 from generous donors, and has also received $4,000 in Grants - what a great year!

  • Donated Toys and Gift Cards to Mercy Children's Hospital in Springfield, MO



  • Our goal is to continue to help children have a happy Christmas by expanding our donations to many more hospitals, both in Idaho and across the country

  • We have already partnered with Rapid City Regional Hospital in South Dakota, and the Minneapolis Children's Hospital in Minnesota, where Chloe had her first three heart surgeries.

  • We are also working to partner with Mercy Hospital in Missouri


  • Expanded from Toys to include Gift Cards to help parents purchase personal necessities (from Walmart), a tank of gas, or a meal outside of the hospital

  • Because of donations from Chloe's Heart, St. Luke Idaho is now expanding their Santa's Toy Box program to include Meridian and Nampa, Idaho

  • Chloe's Heart raised over $13,000

  • Donated Toys and Gift Cards to:

St. Luke's Hospital, Idaho

St. Alphonsus Hospital, Idaho

Williston Hospital, North Dakota

Grand Forks NICU, North Dakota

Pediatric Cardiology NICU at Duke University Hospital, North Carolina


  • Chloe's Heart raised $7,000

  • Donated Toys and Gift Cards to:

St. Luke's Hospital, Idaho

St. Alphonsus Hospital, Idaho



Chloe Lesmeister, 13 years old


Chloe's Heart Shopping Angels

Chloe and Julie with St. Al's Toy donati

Chloe's Heart Toy Donations

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